OvaScope - Aid to Egg Candling

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The Brinsea OvaScope is a very effective accessory for use with the OvaView or OvaView High Intensity candling lamps. The OvaScope fits over the OvaView, and the egg is then placed within the OvaScope and the egg cover replaced. The OvaScope cuts out all the ambient light and slightly magnifies the egg which makes the illuminated egg much easier to see. The egg can be rotated from outside the OvaScope to allow the egg to be viewed from a range of angles and there is the facility to fix a small camera or webcam to generate a digital image of the egg and embryo. There is a lug on each side of the eyepiece tube so that a typical webcam can be held in place using an elastic band (see the instruction leaflet for more details). We don't stock or specify a particular webcam, all the ones we have tried so far have worked. Your webcam will need to have focus adjustment to ensure you get a good image of the embryo. The OvaScope makes candling much easier and is ideal for schools or for presentations.

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The OvaScope is available on its own or in a pack with the OvaView (part number F210)

Product code: F200



The OvaScope is subject to EU Design Registration No. 001779729-0003

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